Night birds

A couple of pigeons cuddle up at The Comrade bar on Queen St. on a winter evening. Photo credit: Kim Lockhart © BCP 2010

I know someone who sneers when he hears the word pigeons, and curls his lip as he dismissively calls them flying rats. I don’t think that’s fair to either rats or pigeons.

I happen to really like pigeons — especially the brown-and-cream-coloured ones. Take a look at the top of this website — there, flying around the roof of Old Vic at the University of Toronto, are pigeons.

But whatever your personal feeling about this species, (Columba livia), or common rock dove) there’s no doubt we have a lot of them in this city. In fact, they are quite possibly among the most prevalent wild life forms we have here in the Big Smoke.

But have you ever wondered where pigeons go when they’re not popping along the sidewalk, looking for  handouts?

This photo from contributor Kim Lockhart taken in February suggests one answer. On cool winter evenings, some pigeons go hang out at a bar for a little night life. In this case, a bar called The Comrade on Queen St. East in Leslieville.

It’s a pretty good bet the night owls enjoying some time together outside the bar (Courtney, left, and Samantha) don’t know — or care — that there’s other night life hanging around.

As for the pigeons? They don’t seem too bothered to be sharing their nightspot, either. Probably didn’t appreciate the camera flash, though.

Thanks to contributor Kim Lockhart for sharing his photo of where the wild life goes at night in the big city.

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