Freshly fallen snow, New Year’s Day — January 1, 2010

A dusting of snow on New Year's Day at the bay. Photo credit: G.L. Withey © BCP 2010

Above is a lovely, moody photograph taken by fellow Beacher G.L. Withey on New Year’s Day. The shot is of a path at Ashbridge’s Bay towards the eastern side where the park curves towards Woodbine Beach.

Ashbridge’s Bay is a pretty stark environment in the depths of winter, but the little bit of snow cover seems to soften the park’s appearance a bit. We didn’t have much snow to photograph this winter, so glad to have this shot.

I think the gnarled trees in the centre of the photo are likely some of the hawthorns that are so prevalent in the park. How many times have I lost a hat when I brushed up too close to a hawthorn branch and had my chapeau caught on one of the tree’s long, wickedly sharp thorns.

Thanks to G.L. Withey for contributing to Wild About The City.

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