Not gone forever

While the natural world around me is bubbling with life and excitement as late spring rolls into full summer, there is so much to write about. And show.

Just this morning, for example, a pair of adult white-breasted nuthatches were in one of the old oaks beside my house, hammering away, getting out grubs.  Then, good parents that they are, they immediately took them to their babies waiting patiently on a branch.

The wonder of this season makes it doubly annoying that WATC is temporarily out of commission, wrestling with horrible computer problems.

Well, actually, Wild about the City is not personally wrestling with them.

My seriously disabled computer seems to have taken up semi-permanent residence at the shop. The latest diagnosis of its psychedelic screen output was that a sick graphics card was to blame. New graphics card ordered. Arrived D.O.A.  Shop sent for another new graphics card. WATC continues to wait, hopefully.

So, until I get back online, Wild about the City is taking an enforced break.  Just a break. Not gone forever.

Please check back later.

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