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Cormorant in the Keating Channel

A double-crested cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus) dries its wings in the Keating Channel last week.  © BCP 2010 Well. Here is the bird that everyone loves to hate, minding its own business in the Keating Channel last week. Not bothering anyone, just drying its wings mid-morning in the intense heat of a blazing late summer sun. […]

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Another bug in the Beach — of the computer kind

An as-cute-as-they-come mallard duckling (Anas platyrhynchos) at Ashbridge’s earlier this week. © BCP 2010 Arrrgh! And superarrrgh!! Just when I was getting ready to do  today’s post — which was going to be about how I spent a fascinating half hour right near dusk watching a family of eastern kingbirds feeding one hungry chick — […]

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A loon in Labrador Lake

A common loon (Gavia immer) sits on its nest in Labrador Lake, July 20, 2010. © BCP 2010 Having a super-long lens for my old Canon digital SLR paid off for me recently when I heard from friends who fish that there was a loon nesting on Labrador Lake — a body of water more […]

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A great blue heron goes fishing at Colonel Sam Smith Park

Just past the grebes I came across a great blue heron fishing. I got a couple of shots off of the heron, who then took off across the bay. I kept on going around the bay, and encountered the heron again, as you can see from the picture above. I took a succession of photos […]

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Rebar and concrete: what Ashbridge’s Bay is made of

Canada geese on the lake side of Ashbridge’s Bay last week. © BCP 2010 When I walk along the boardwalk at Ashbridge’s Bay, or down one of the foot paths that follow the water’s edge, I sometimes forget that this little bit of land, which juts out into the lake like an arthritic finger, wasn’t […]

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