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A walk in Taylor Creek Park

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis), on a wooded hillside at Taylor Creek Park on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. © BCP 2011 Tuesday morning, 10 a.m. The morning is as grey as old, cold dishwater, and a bitter wind whips me as I wait at the Victoria Park subway station for the woman who is to be my guide […]

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Redpolls at Ashbridge’s Bay

A female common redpoll (Cardeulis flammea) eats seeds from a tamarack cone at Ashbridge’s Bay.  © BCP 2011 As  you can see from the blue sky in the picture above, I didn’t take this photo this weekend. No, I’m cheating a bit, going backward in time — slightly more than a week ago, in fact […]

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The weeping willows at Ashbridge’s Bay

Weeping willows still wearing all their golden leaves in mid-November at Ashbridge’s Bay. © BCP 2010 Funny how trees in different parts of our city lose their leaves at different rates. At the Brick Works last week, for example, all the deciduous trees in the valley were bereft of foliage, while some of the stately […]

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Autumn at the Brick Works

The Weston Quarry Garden reflects the late fall colours at the Brick Works on Wednesday. © BCP 2010 An overcast day last week (Wed. Nov. 3) turned out to be the perfect lighting to bring out the beauty of the late fall colours at the Brick Works. I was actually hunting for goldfinches to photograph, […]

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Indian summer, Crothers Woods

Crothers Woods, Wednesday, Oct. 27. A palace in spun gold, head architect, Ma Nature. © BCP 2010 Inspired by the bright autumn sunshine yesterday afternoon, (and surprising t-shirt weather) I took off for Crothers Woods, a part of the  Don Valley I have only just begun to explore. Crothers Woods is a mature forest  generally […]

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