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A fog comes on little cat feet Thursday at the bay

A killdeer, Charadrius vociferus, searches for dinner in the grass as Ashbridge’s Bay is enveloped in a dense fog. © BCP 2011 The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over  harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. — Carl Sandburg Yes, that’s exactly what happened on Thursday evening this […]

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Ducklings at Ashbridge’s Bay

A mother mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) takes her seven ducklings out for an early afternoon paddle Tuesday. The little ducklings are so terribly tiny in such a big world. © BCP 2010 Well, here’s a bit of a conundrum. Seems the Ashbridge’s Bay mallard hens had a meeting, took a show of webbed feet, and voted […]

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An egret seen (briefly) at Ashbridge’s Bay and a serendipitous find

A wild multiflora rose bush (Rosa multiflora) with upside-down Canada geese at Ashbridge’s Bay.  The vertical shadow in the water is the stack from the sewage treatment plant across the bay. © BCP 2010 Some days you just get lucky. It’s simple serendipity. (And I think it augurs well for the first day of summer. […]

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Spotted sandpiper at Ashbridge’s Bay

A spotted sandpiper (Actitis macularia) wading at Ashbridge’s Bay last week. © BCP 2010 Weet, weet, weet. Weet, weet, weet… I heard this little guy’s high-pitched whistle before I spotted him as I walked along the shore at Ashbridge’s Bay a few nights ago. (To hear an audio file of the sandpiper’s call — from […]

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