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A walk in the Lower Don with the Toronto Field Naturalists

A red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) hunts for lunch near the banks of the Lower Don River Saturday, Mar. 19/11 © BCP 2011 What a glorious morning for a spring walk in the Don Valley. Starting out at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, there was sunshine — all the more dazzling for its recent rarity — and more […]

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Sunset stroll in the Brick Works

The Weston wetland quarry garden is one of the first sights a visitor to the Brick Works sees. The old Brick Works property located in the Lower Don Valley (accessible from the Bayview Ave. extension) has been one of my favourite spots for years. It was a wild and derelict 11.5- hectare site. Now, with […]

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Amur maples lead the fall colour show at the Beach

Winged seeds glow pink at the bay last week. But what are they? © BCP 2010 Tuesday, August 24, 2010:  Update A big thank-you to the kind folks who wrote to tell me that my mystery tree with the pink samaras is an amur maple, Acer ginnala. This attractive, shrubby plant is not native to […]

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It’s snakegrass, not a snake in the grass, in my yard

Snakegrass, otherwise known to many as horsetail (Equisetum hymale), is an ancient non-flowering plant. © BCP 2010 Wow. Out with my camera in my backyard after the rain again, and look at the strange stuff I found! I knew we had what the kids called snakegrass on our slope heading towards the swamp, but I […]

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Rebar and concrete: what Ashbridge’s Bay is made of

Canada geese on the lake side of Ashbridge’s Bay last week. © BCP 2010 When I walk along the boardwalk at Ashbridge’s Bay, or down one of the foot paths that follow the water’s edge, I sometimes forget that this little bit of land, which juts out into the lake like an arthritic finger, wasn’t […]

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