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Party time at Ashbridge’s for the ring-billed gulls

A ring-billed gull (Larus delawarensis) fishes successfully in the stiff breeze at Ashbridge’s yesterday. © BCP 2010 It felt like gale-force winds as I set out for my walk yesterday at Ashbridge’s Bay. The waves were crashing into the headland of the Coatsworth Cut, and I could see whitecaps farther out on the lake. With […]

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Common terns fish for a late-night snack at Ashbridge’s Bay

In the pink rays of the setting sun, a common tern (Sterna hirundo) hunts at Ashbridge’s Bay. © BCP 2010 I managed to get out for a short walk late Monday evening just as dusk was falling, and noted a couple of interesting observations. For one, the lake seems to be at the highest level […]

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Why do gulls always face in one direction?

It’s a mystery to me. Why do gulls stand always facing in the same direction? Are they picking up subtle environmental cues? Is there one leader — a sort of alpha gull — that picks the direction in which to stand, and the rest all follow suit? Or do they all just like to feel […]

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January thaw

Mirabile dictu! Warm enough today to actually venture more than 100 feet from the nearest hot chocolate emporium. With temperatures hovering around –10 C in the past few weeks — and, of course, wind chills making it seem another 10 degrees or so colder — it was not fit for man or beast…In fact, it […]

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