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A hillside of wild blooms to brighten a dull spring day

Bloodroot flowers, Sanguinaria canadensis, bloom in Taylor Creek Park this week. © BCP 2011 Don’t have much time today to write a long post, but I did want to get these pictures up. Thanks to Melanie, one of the Toronto Field Naturalists’ leaders, who showed me where these lovely blooms were in  bud in Taylor […]

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A flower blooms in Sun Valley

Early blooming coltsfoot (Tussilaga farfara)  makes an appearance in Sun Valley. © BCP 2011 After my nature walk earlier this week in Taylor Creek Park — in which we did not find a single flower blooming, (with the exception of some lovely snowdrops that had escaped from a long-gone garden) even though we are well […]

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A walk in Taylor Creek Park

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis), on a wooded hillside at Taylor Creek Park on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. © BCP 2011 Tuesday morning, 10 a.m. The morning is as grey as old, cold dishwater, and a bitter wind whips me as I wait at the Victoria Park subway station for the woman who is to be my guide […]

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Milkweed babies

Milkweed babies, the seeds of Asclepias syriaca, ready to be launched by the wind. © BCP 2010 One thing in Ontario in autumn is as certain as death and taxes: If you open your door and head outside to any vacant lot,  you will surely see milkweed babies — the seeds of Asclepias syriaca, or […]

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Yellow goatsbeard at the Quarry

Yellow goatsbeard (Tragopogon dubius) gone to seed. A study in perfect symmetry. © BCP 2010 On the run today. Such a perfect glorious fall day — please see Today’s Quote! — that I can’t bring myself to sit at the computer and do what’s necessary to create a longish post. But I did want to […]

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