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Sumac at the Quarry Lands

Fiery red staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina) brighten the Quarry Lands on a mild fall afternoon. © BCP 2010 I was planning on exploring Sun Valley today, but just plain ran out of time after doing all the things that absolutely had to be done. So, rather than not get in any walk at all, I […]

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A nature lover’s brain cramp

The ripe berries of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) at Ashbridge’s in August. © BCP 2010 I owe another debt of thanks to an eagle-eyed reader who pointed out — ever so gently — a rather conspicuous error in my post from two weeks ago (Tuesday, August 10). I have no idea where my brain was […]

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Amur maples lead the fall colour show at the Beach

Winged seeds glow pink at the bay last week. But what are they? © BCP 2010 Tuesday, August 24, 2010:  Update A big thank-you to the kind folks who wrote to tell me that my mystery tree with the pink samaras is an amur maple, Acer ginnala. This attractive, shrubby plant is not native to […]

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A purple-flowering raspberry spreading like the dickens in my Beach backyard

Purple-flowering raspberry (Rosa odoratus) in the rain Saturday. © BCP 2010 I took this photo of my purple-flowering raspberry bush (Rosa odoratus) on my rainy meander through my own backyard on Saturday night. What shocked me is how long these plants have been blooming — I’d say at least a month. This incredibly hardy member […]

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First snow fall, New Year’s Day

I took this picture on January 1. Went out for a short walk in the lightly falling snow after our New Year’s brunch at the Four Seasons in Yorkville. About as urban an experience as you can get here in the Big Smoke. After I got home, I grabbed my camera, some plastic bags to […]

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