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An American toad at the Rattray Marsh

An American toad (Bufo americanus) is indifferent to my approach at the Rattray Marsh on Thursday.  © BCP 2010 I decided on the eve of the first day of summer that I would write about this placid toad that I encountered this past Thursday on my exploratory excursion to the Rattray Marsh in south Mississauga. […]

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Phragmites (the common reed) in Woodbine Park: Phriend or phoe?

Common reeds, Phragmites australis, by the fountain in the reflecting pond at Woodbine Park May 30, 2010. © BCP 2010 Is it my imagination, or do the reed beds in Woodbine Park keep getting bigger? At first, I was a huge fan of these reeds. (If my research powers are intact since my recent European […]

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