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A frequent visitor stops by for a bite

An eastern grey squirrel, Sciura carolinensis, displays an intriguing two-tone fur pattern. Could he be moulting? © BCP 2011 Hey! Didn’t this guy get the message? Eastern grey squirrels, Sciuris carolinensis, are supposed to be, um, grey? Mr. Big Redtail enjoys a treat in my backyard yesterday. (At least I think he’s a mister.) © […]

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A hillside of wild blooms to brighten a dull spring day

Bloodroot flowers, Sanguinaria canadensis, bloom in Taylor Creek Park this week. © BCP 2011 Don’t have much time today to write a long post, but I did want to get these pictures up. Thanks to Melanie, one of the Toronto Field Naturalists’ leaders, who showed me where these lovely blooms were in  bud in Taylor […]

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A woodpecker to identify

A female hairy woodpecker (I think) works on excavating a hole in the trunk of a dead tree last week at Taylor Creek Park. © BCP 2011 I thought we were supposed to have April showers (to bring the May flowers, of course.) So what’s with these April monsoons we’ve been having? It seems like […]

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A chipmunk comes out to investigate in Taylor Creek Park

An eastern chipmunk, Tamias striatus, comes out to investigate what we’re up to in Taylor Creek Park last week. © BCP 2011 Out for a walk in Taylor Creek Park last week with Melanie, a leader with the Toronto Field Naturalists. She’s leading a walk in a few weeks on the subject of spring ephemerals, […]

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Look who’s back in the Beach — the kinglets!

A female golden-crowned kinglet, Regulus satrapa, pauses momentarily at Ashbridge’s Bay this week. © BCP 2011 Yup it’s true! The golden-crowned kinglets (Regulus satrapa), adorable little songbirds distantly related to Old World warblers, are back. (Although if you want to be persnickety about it. . . they didn’t all leave in the late fall. A […]

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