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Après le déluge

After the flood waters receded yesterday, I took this photo of the web in my front yard. © BCP 2010 I’m never sorry when it rains. In fact, I almost always love it. Yesterday, we had what the weatherfolk call a “rain event” that was more like the draining of some celestial bathtub than it […]

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Autumn idyll in the Madawaska Valley

A paddle into Labrador Lake rewarded me with a spectacular early colour display. © BCP 2010 As much as I love observing nature in the city, sometimes there’s no substitute for getting out of it. And when that feeling takes over, I usually take off to one of two places: Algonquin Park or the Madawaska […]

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Pond damselfly at the Quarry lands

A pond damselfly rests on a leaf in the Quarry over the weekend. © BCP 2010 Over the weekend, I was parked in the little parking lot that surrounds the shops of the Quarry, at the intersection of Clonmore and Gerrard St. East in the Upper Beach. While there, I happened to notice that the […]

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Mmmm — mint by the shore at Ashbridge’s

Hoary mountain mint (Pycnanthemum incanum) growing at the water’s edge at the bay last week. © BCP 2010 On at recent walk at Ashbridge’s Bay, my local park on the north shore of Lake Ontario, I was busy looking at all sorts of flowers — golden rod, sweet white clover, the chicory blooms hanging on […]

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Tycho, Ashbridge’s big male swan, in the bay

Tycho, our beautiful male mute swan (Cygnus olor) takes a break from preening Saturday at Ashbridge’s. At last! After going for weeks without seeing our mute swan family — Penny, Tycho and the kids (who are now only about eight weeks or so away from leaving home)  — I finally saw our cob, Tycho. I […]

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