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Ducklings at Ashbridge’s Bay

A mother mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) takes her seven ducklings out for an early afternoon paddle Tuesday. The little ducklings are so terribly tiny in such a big world. © BCP 2010 Well, here’s a bit of a conundrum. Seems the Ashbridge’s Bay mallard hens had a meeting, took a show of webbed feet, and voted […]

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A lily in Labrador Lake

A fragrant water lily (Nymphaea odorata) in Labrador Lake this week. © BCP 2010 Fragrant water lilies (Nymphaea odorata) are as common as mud in a swamp, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. I saw this particular water lily as I was making my way into Labrador Lake, in search of the loon I […]

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A loon in Labrador Lake

A common loon (Gavia immer) sits on its nest in Labrador Lake, July 20, 2010. © BCP 2010 Having a super-long lens for my old Canon digital SLR paid off for me recently when I heard from friends who fish that there was a loon nesting on Labrador Lake — a body of water more […]

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A message in the woods

A piece of bark from the paper birch, Betula papyrifera, snagged in a twig on my path in the woods. © BCP 2010 Same woods, different day. New path. Today I chanced upon this perfect piece of birch bark, snagged on a twig. It got me thinking, and remembering. Did you know that you can […]

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A walk in the woods

Cool, green and shady, with magical restorative powers. My walk in the woods after the rain. © BCP 2010 After a busy week in the Big Smoke, what could be more restorative than a walk in the woods? A walk just after the rain stopped….and before it started up again, in torrents. Glistening trees, dripping […]

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