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Common terns fish for a late-night snack at Ashbridge’s Bay

In the pink rays of the setting sun, a common tern (Sterna hirundo) hunts at Ashbridge’s Bay. © BCP 2010 I managed to get out for a short walk late Monday evening just as dusk was falling, and noted a couple of interesting observations. For one, the lake seems to be at the highest level […]

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A purple-flowering raspberry spreading like the dickens in my Beach backyard

Purple-flowering raspberry (Rosa odoratus) in the rain Saturday. © BCP 2010 I took this photo of my purple-flowering raspberry bush (Rosa odoratus) on my rainy meander through my own backyard on Saturday night. What shocked me is how long these plants have been blooming — I’d say at least a month. This incredibly hardy member […]

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A twelve-spotted skimmer visits my Beach backyard in the rain

A twelve-spotted skimmer (Libellula pulchella) rests on some Pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia ) in my backyard Saturday. © BCP 2010 It wasn’t really a great day to go exploring yesterday — Saturday. Unless, perhaps, you were a duck flying to points east. Two reasons:  For 1, it poured rain for most of the day. And […]

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Tiny yellow flowers on an unknown tree at Ashbridge’s Bay — can anyone help identify?

A tree with delicate yellow flowers at Ashbridge’s Bay this week.  Willowish leaves, but is it a willow? © BCP 2010 Friday, June 25, 2010 update: Of course! How silly of me. The tree above is a Russian olive (Eleagnus angustifolia). A fellow Toronto nature photoblogger, who goes by the handle Don Watcher, answered my […]

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An egret seen (briefly) at Ashbridge’s Bay and a serendipitous find

A wild multiflora rose bush (Rosa multiflora) with upside-down Canada geese at Ashbridge’s Bay.  The vertical shadow in the water is the stack from the sewage treatment plant across the bay. © BCP 2010 Some days you just get lucky. It’s simple serendipity. (And I think it augurs well for the first day of summer. […]

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