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The pussy willows are out

It may be drizzling out — that’s a good thing, I think! — but a couple of days ago, when the sun was shining brightly, I went down to the beach and took a few pictures of the new life that is springing forth. The pussy willow native to North America is Salix discolor. Before its […]

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The boys are back in town

A little late in putting up this post (so much to do, so little time), but wanted to share this great spring news anyway. The boys — that is to say, the male red-wing blackbirds ) — came back last week from the sunny south where they spent the winter. Likely Mexico, Central America or the […]

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Flower time!

Have you started to sneeze yet? Just asking (hoping no) because our local silver maples (Acer saccharinum) are in full bloom. One of the northeast’s three native maples, according to several sources I checked, the silver is the earliest flowering plant to bloom in our area. Botanists call it monoecious, meaning it has both male […]

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Ducks on the wing

I couldn’t let my wonderful visit to the Leslie Street Spit last weekend go by without including a photo or two of the ducks there. Anyone who has ever ventured past the gates into Tommy Thompson Park (don’t get caught on the wrong side of the gate at closing time, like I did…) knows that […]

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Homes for everyone

So much for the recession. There’s still a building boom going on in Toronto, and it’s not just swanky condos for humans. Above is a picture I took a weekend ago at Tommy Thompson Park, near the metal footbridge about halfway out to the lighthouse. If you look closely at the trees in the photo, […]

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