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Why do gulls always face in one direction?

It’s a mystery to me. Why do gulls stand always facing in the same direction? Are they picking up subtle environmental cues? Is there one leader — a sort of alpha gull — that picks the direction in which to stand, and the rest all follow suit? Or do they all just like to feel […]

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Fickle February

Some crazy weather we’re having here in the Big Smoke. Melting. Freezing. Ice breakup in the bay. Freezing again. Last night, snow. Then rain. Temperatures expected to moderate this week. Doesn’t seem to phase our local feathered friends, especially the mallards. They continue to stand around in the parking lot, barely moving when a car […]

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Penny and Tycho, back in the bay

Penny and Tycho, our beloved swan pair, returned to their home at Ashbridge’s Bay over the weekend. They had been gone for weeks, put off, no doubt, by the lack of access to their preferred food source, subaquatic vegetation. With the Coatsworth Cut completely frozen over, and the inner bay around the yacht club the […]

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At last — enough sun for a sunset!

Today we finally came out of a long stretch of the greyest, most dreary weather I can remember having in some time. And this at a time when we in the frozen east have been seeing glorious pictures of the sun splitting the stones at Whistler, where many of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are being […]

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Sun, sun where are you?

If you have seasonal affective disorder, I sure hope you have a sunlamp! Not a scintilla of sunshine in our neck of the world today. Looked in several locations for a glimpse of colour other than the browns of sleeping vegetation and the dull greys of the sky, lake and most everything else today. Best […]

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