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Penny and Tycho plus eight

Here are “our beauties,” as my friend Egon calls the Ashbridge’s Bay swan pair, out on a perfect June day with their eight babies. The cygnets were born, I think, on June 7th, so here they are still VERY young! Only five days old. . . Six at the very most. You can see that […]

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The great wheel turns

What an interesting few days we have had at the bay. Yesterday the cormorants returned. Monday they weren’t there, Tuesday they were. One day, they just magically show up — just like that. Back from wherever they spent their winters. Northern Mexico, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi, it looks like, if I’m reading my Smithsonian handbook […]

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. . . and we shall have snow

Arrrrgggghhhh! March 12 and we who live in this city by the lake woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning. Thankfully, there wasn’t much and it was short-lived, once the warming rays of the sun got to work on it. That’s mercurial March, though, isn’t it? Blustery, changeable, prone to extremes. Turns […]

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The March wind doth blow

Holy Mackinaw! There were times at the beach today when I thought I was going to be swept out to sea . . . um, the bay! I will have to look it up to see exactly what category hurricane we were having this morning. There was warmth in the sun, but it only peeked […]

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Where have all the gadwalls gone?

It’s been months now since I’ve last seen a gadwall at our little bay in the Big Smoke.  In fact, this is the first winter I haven’t seen any gadwall pairs on my usual ramblings at the lake. In the past, a few couples stuck around all season. In particular, one pair hung out in […]

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